An Interview with Felicity about Her First Confession!

Felicity and I sat down for a few minutes after her First Reconciliation today (hooray!), and she shared a bit about what the experience was like for her!

You can listen to the interview via SoundCloud by clicking here, or the transcript from the interview is below. Enjoy!


Mom: I, as your mother, did not have first confession until I was a grown up, so I have no idea what it’s like to go to first confession as a kid. And I thought maybe if you shared your thoughts a little bit, you might help another kid who is getting ready for their First Confession. So how were you feeling before you went?

Felicity: I was really nervous. And when I went in, I was scared and I didn’t know where to sit, so I chose to sit face to face. It really wasn’t that scary.

Mom: It wasn’t? What made you decide that you wanted to sit face to face?

Felicity: Because, well this was my first confession, and I just, I didn’t want to be scared.

Mom: And how did it feel when you were doing it? What were your thoughts in confession?

Felicity: It was a little scary when I was in there, because I didn’t know if she sheet that I had had everything on it, but really it did, and it went well.

Mom: And how did you feel after you were done?

Felicity: After, I felt really happy and excited.

Mom: So what would you say to any kid who’s getting ready for their First Confession?

Felicity: I’d say, if you’re scared, that’s normal. And, it’s really not scary. And it’s really great.

Mom: Why is it so great?

Felicity: It’s basically a way of getting rid of your sins, throwing them in the garbage, and letting the garbage truck take them away.

Mom: What does mom call confession? Do you remember what I’ve been calling it? The Saint Maker?


Alright, anything else you want to say?

Felicity: Nope, that’s it.

Mom: Okay. Alright, thanks so much Felicity thanks for joining us on our first mini-interview on This Catholic Family!

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