Lorelei’s RevPit Blog Hop!

Hello writerly folk!

I’m Lorelei, and I’ve written a YA Fantasy entitled: THE BRAVEST OF THEM ALL.


In my novel, sisters Verabelle, Ameryst, and Iradella live in Syrendale, a world fit for a fairy tale. Each woman in their land has her destiny chosen for her. Some are chosen to match and to find The One at an extravagant ball where sparks literally fly in the air when their hearts assent to love. Others are chosen to have the destiny of Maiden. The Maidens of Syrendale line the cliffs at dawn of the Maiden Night Ball and jump, falling to the sea and to a magical transformation. The people believe the Maidens are changed into the creatures who happily guard Syrendale’s shores.

But underneath the shimmer of the Maiden Night ball is a secret dark and deadly. Syrendale is cursed, and the Maidens are not jumping to a transformation, but are jumping to their death. Through the sister’s love of each other, as well as their trials and struggles, they uncover the source of the curse and must find a way to break it before Verabelle, who wears the Maiden pin, falls victim to the Maiden’s macabre fate.


A Bit More About My Work.

Many years ago, I wrote a short story that became the inspiration for this novel. It’s changed a lot since then. I’ve been working on this novel manuscript for over a year, pouring my heart and soul into finding the best way to tell this story.

I entered PitchWars last year, and while I didn’t get chosen as an official mentee, I got some amazing and helpful feedback from a mentor who had requested my full. I took that information, along with reading some highly recommended books on plotting, and commenced an entire rewrite of my book. I then entered AMM and got some more lovely and positive feedback about my story. Instead of saying “Your idea is cool, but maybe learn about plot and the craft of executing your idea well and also getting inside your character’s heads,” I’m hearing “This is exactly the type of book I love to read, but I didn’t have a clear idea for revisions.” And “I could only pick one mentee, but here are some suggestions that might help. Your book is sticking with me long after I read it.”

I’m entering RevPit because I’m hoping to find editorial support from someone who loves this story as much as I do and wants to invest in helping to make it better and who will push me as a writer. All I need is one person to fall in love with this story as much as I have, and to help guide me as I work to implement their expert feedback. I would love for this to come in the form of a RevPit editor.

I know I’m getting close. I know it’s so much stronger than it once was, and I’m excited to continue moving it on the path toward publication. (And myself along the path of being agented!)

I take feedback extremely well, and am eager to do whatever it takes to improve and pursue this work on a long-term basis. I know it’s a long game. I’m patient. But I’m also an incredibly hard worker. I thrive on goals and deadlines and am great under pressure. I look at moments where I didn’t succeed in the literal sense, and try to find a lesson in it. Then I use that lesson to build a path forward.

A Bit More About Me.

My people!

I’ve been married for nearly 11 years, and we have 3 amazing and active children. I sneak in writing time around their schedule, but I also like just hanging out with them and catching snuggles while I can.

I live in Wisconsin. I love the farmlands here but not the winters (c’mon spring!!!)

I work as a literacy coach in low-income schools. My B.A. is in Creative Writing and my Masters is in Education with an Urban Teaching focus. I believe everyone deserves access to a high quality education, and my teaching career has been dedicated to working with students in poverty and supporting teachers in their work with those students.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all more, and am so thankful you stopped by! To check out other awesome writerly folk, head back to the blog hop by clicking here.