Happy Easter from the Savaryns 2020!

Though this year has taken a turn that I don't think many would have expected, our goal this Holy Week was to create some special memories for the kids even though our plans had very much changed. Our house is loud, and the noises aren't always happy, but overall we're hanging in there and doing … Continue reading Happy Easter from the Savaryns 2020!

When Advent Doesn’t Go As Planned

Advent Interrupted You guys, Advent was going to be so much fun! I was excited, and wrote this Very Catholic Mom Post about all the cool Advent family traditions we were going to start this year. Now, before I write any further, I still am very excited for these traditions we (attempted) to start. They … Continue reading When Advent Doesn’t Go As Planned

This Catholic Family is Ready for Advent!

Liturgical Living I've thought about the liturgical calendar this year more than I ever have before. I've thought about what little ways we can start incorporating the calendar of the Church year into our home. And here we find ourselves, as we always will at this time of year, at the beginning of Advent. We … Continue reading This Catholic Family is Ready for Advent!

Shifting The Seasons

Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! I grew up with a whole bunch of Merry Christmases throughout December and a smattering of Happy Easters as the Spring season approached.¬†And, as we all know, the retail stores think Christmas starts somewhere in July, and that Easter starts in January. For most of my life, and still, for the … Continue reading Shifting The Seasons