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Lorelei was guest on The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi via EWTN and The Coming Home Network, Intl on December 18, 2017.


The Coming Home Network

Conversion Story: “A Protestant Interrupted”

Coming Home Network Newsletter, December 2017

Catholic Vitamins Podcast


Episode “E” Elated: Guest Lorelei Savaryn

Christian Circle Podcast


Teaching Children Through Christian Example


Lorelei was a Columnist for Catholic Stand

Her Articles:

Reflections of a Convert After The First Year

Easter Chocolates, Slavery, and Our Responsibility as Christians

 A Lesson From A Two Year Old On Holiness

Helping Each Other To Heaven: A Convert’s Perspective on Catholic Marriage

Finding Peace Amidst Chaos In Adoration

How One Family Approaches Mass With Young Children

Is Anyone Sola Scriptura?

On Selling Jesus

Being ‘Gift’ in a ‘Take’ World


Lorelei has also contributed to Church POP

Click Here for her author page.

EWTN Radio Interview:

Son Rise Morning Show 6/21/17 (78:30)