Leaning into the Saints as a Catholic Convert

For some reason, the Saints seemed so out of reach. It was tough to think that people existed who walked this earth let God fill them so much that there wasn't room for anything else. Meanwhile, I felt so far from that. I lose my patience so easily, and tend to seek my own comfort, and am prone to anxiety and worry about things I can't control. I feared that I'd read something by a Saint and be frightened off...of what, I don't exactly know. But I didn't trust that it would be helpful, at least not for a while.

Lent Is Upon Us! An Idea For The Family, and Reflections On The Season

I've been writing about a couple of more serious topics recently, so I thought it might be time to switch it up and get a little more lighthearted. Like by writing a post about Lent. Because Lent is known for being both lighthearted and fun! Ha ha! But, in all seriousness... People. I am honestly, truly, … Continue reading Lent Is Upon Us! An Idea For The Family, and Reflections On The Season

A Story of Healing

JP's last post, found here if you haven't read it, gave some insight into Jp's journey during  a period of time where our marriage has been transformed. I (Lorelei) would now like to share my simultaneous journey. It's one of the most personal, and, for us, the most powerful in our marriage so far. When … Continue reading A Story of Healing

Like Father Like Son

Like father like son. We’ve all heard this before, right. You look at a son and he tends to emulate his father. Some of this comes from genetics – it’s in his nature to emulate dad. Other parts of this come from his natural desire to be like his daddy, to be cool, strong, confident, rough, bold, … Continue reading Like Father Like Son