Being “Gift” In A “Take” World

The Disease of What’s Best for Me There is a disease rampant in our world today. A disease called “What’s Best for Me.” Entertainment programs are filled with tips on how to make our lives better. How to get the best deal. How to make ourselves look good. How to advance in our careers. How … Continue reading Being “Gift” In A “Take” World

What’s The Purpose of Penance?

When a Catholic goes to Confession, several things happen. We come with contrition and confess our sins. We receive the absolution. Then, the Priest assigns us our penance. But while we may know what to expect, it's also immensely important to understand why we are doing these things. I've written extensively about why I absolutely … Continue reading What’s The Purpose of Penance?

The Hidden Blessing in Waiting to Tell My Story

The Dream Things I thought would happen after I told people I was becoming Catholic: People would ask "why," then sit, leaning forward, eyes wide as I told the whole story. The story of all my misconceptions, and all the truth and beauty I'd found. They'd ask questions to better understand, and they'd start seeking … Continue reading The Hidden Blessing in Waiting to Tell My Story

Why Are Catholic Sermons So Short?

They're so Short! Something that was always strange to me as a Protestant attending Mass was how short Catholic sermons are. Well, technically we call what happens when the Priest speaks after the gospel reading a homily, but homily isn't a word seen too often outside the Catholic realm. The priests seemed to have varying degrees … Continue reading Why Are Catholic Sermons So Short?

This Catholic Family’s Top Posts of 2017!

Happy New Year Friends! First of all, thank you so much for joining us here and being part of our lives and our journey as a family of faith. This blog would technically be able to exist without you, but it wouldn't be the same, as what we write here is meant to be shared. … Continue reading This Catholic Family’s Top Posts of 2017!

Are Catholics Just Going Through The Motions?

The Protestant Worship Experience As a Protestant, worship took on many forms. But corporate worship in the context of a church setting was typically an emotional experience. The worship leaders, of which I was one, sang sometimes with eyes closed, hands raised, voice impassioned and face exuding feeling. There was this connotation that in sincere … Continue reading Are Catholics Just Going Through The Motions?

A This Catholic Family Giveaway!!!

As of 8/7 central Jan 5, 2018, this Giveaway has closed! Thank you to those who entered! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning before 12pm central time! Hello friends! In celebration of reaching 500 followers on this blog, we've decided to do a lil' giveaway. Entering is free, and you can earn up to … Continue reading A This Catholic Family Giveaway!!!

When Advent Doesn’t Go As Planned

Advent Interrupted You guys, Advent was going to be so much fun! I was excited, and wrote this Very Catholic Mom Post about all the cool Advent family traditions we were going to start this year. Now, before I write any further, I still am very excited for these traditions we (attempted) to start. They … Continue reading When Advent Doesn’t Go As Planned

My Experience on EWTN’S The Journey Home

A few weeks back, I hopped on an airplane and headed to Columbus, Ohio to film an episode of ETWN's The Journey Home, hosted by Marcus Grodi. I was met at the airport by Scott Scholten and his wife Barb. Scott produces and directs the show, and they also have a special B&B apartment in … Continue reading My Experience on EWTN’S The Journey Home

Men, We Are Being Led Astray

We All Want Happiness Men, many of us are being led astray. We all want happiness. But not everyone seems to know where to find it. What’s more, I suspect many of us who think we have it are blind to the possibility that what we have pales in comparison to the real thing. Those … Continue reading Men, We Are Being Led Astray