Why We Started This Blog

First of all… we’d like to introduce you to our family. Minus the little peanut currently in the oven (due Dec 30th).

There’s me (Lorelei) and JP, Felicity (Lissie), and August (Auggie), who was having a “mad day.”

Hello there, it’s nice to meet you.

There are two primary reasons that JP and I decided to start this blog.

One of the reasons was because of all the loud, shouting voices in the world today. So, we thought, let’s yell too!

Haha. Just kidding.

Actually, we’ve been increasingly disheartened that we a live in a world where people can spurt out their anger in a single status update or tweet, saying something that could immediately isolate and hurt people you might never know have been isolated and hurt because they are just invisible friends scrolling a newsfeed and reading that one update that is sarcastic at them. That is aimed at them. That is generalizing who they are. Those kinds of posts leave no room for what seems to be a fading art, the art of dialoguing with people who have different opinions than you. People either stay silent or they argue. Neither of which are good. It’s been especially sad for us to see Catholic friends post things that seem aggressive on social media. We of all people, should speak truth but in love and humility, not in sarcasm, or ranting, or aggression.

We know not everyone holds extreme positions on things, or that everyone hates those who think or live differently than them, but many of these social media soundbites tell a different story. And it’s everywhere – liberal and conservative, Christian (Catholic and Protestant), non-religious… everywhere.

We’ve found that it is becoming more difficult to find our worldview and our opinions expressed respectfully, or in many cases, at all. I think amidst all the extremism and polarization, there is a large group of people coming at things from a gentler and more middle-ground place- not in truth, but in approach. Many of whom just stay silent among the chaos, and thus, those voices are lost. Part of the goal of this blog is to change that. We will have opinions, and we will be writing about how we are living out our Catholic faith within our own family. And our beliefs and decisions might be different than others. But I hope that we are able to express ourselves always coming from a place of respect and love, and a willingness to dialogue with others. I know it’s impossible to live a life, unless it’s a very timid one, without ever offending anybody, but when truth and thoughts and opinions come from a place of love, you are starting from a much better place. We need to follow the example of our Savior in how we approach matters that deal with humanity- all people who are created in the image of God and therefore deserve respect and mercy.

The second reason we started this blog is simply because we just love our Catholic faith and our family, and living out this beautiful journey of life within that context is something we love to share with others. I (Lorelei) recently culminated a several years-long journey that landed with my confirmation in the Catholic faith this Easter vigil.

Me and Archbishop Hebda on one of the best nights of my life.

I documented my conversion story here. Becoming Catholic has brought more life to my faith, an abiding peace and inner joy that I can’t attribute to anything other than God’s leading me to the Church He founded. JP was raised Catholic, left the Church shortly after we married, but was drawn back through the past few years. We took a separate yet simultaneous journey to Rome, a mercy and beauty and Christ-filled home in which we can live out our Christian faith for the rest of our lives. Learn more about us here. It’s been a beautiful journey. And we hope to share some of that beauty with others.

-JP and Lorelei

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