JP’s Corner: 15 Years Missing My Mother

Hello readers. I haven’t written in a while, and, I must say, it’s partly because I feel a tinge of cognitive dissonance about writing. In this internet age, no one talks to each other. We talk to everyone, but no one in particular. We all just put our thoughts out there without anyone actually asking us a pointed question.

Yet, in spite of me saying these things, here I am taking the mic and speaking to the world. If anyone reading this enjoys hearing what I have to say, then it is worth the effort.

This week marks the 15 year anniversary of my birth mother’s birthday into heaven. “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat” – Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As Christians we have no need to mourn a believer’s death. A believer’s death is what that person, hopefully, has been longing for their entire life, because it is in death that we truly live. All throughout life on earth, the more we die to ourselves, the freer we are. In our bodily death, we meet freedom Himself, so long as we accept His invitation.

In remembering my mom today, I was reminded of what a very spiritual and holy priest said once at a healing mass Lorelei and I went to. He said that when we die we will all meet Jesus. He will offer us His grace and invite us into heaven. He leaves it entirely up to us whether to accept his offer or not. When I pondered this, I suddenly knew without a doubt that mom would never reject Our Lord’s offer. She loved him with all hear heart! Thus, my mother is in heaven.

During tonight’s prayer with our children, I asked mom to pray for us. I also asked God to bring her into his presence so that she would see him as he is, so that she would share fully in the divine life of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As I asked this, a tinge went through me, a little jolt of heat and tingle. I thanked God for the sign.

I wish she were here for me to see her love her grandkids. Like so many of us that have experienced the death of loved ones, I wish I could talk face to face with my mom. There are parts of me that I know come from her. And it is these parts that I often find un-related to by others, like little holes that need filling, but I can’t find the pieces that fit those holes.

But what’s my point in writing this? I’m not sure. It’s tough for me not to have a point, a learning objective. I’ve taught courses before, and a good learning objective is at the heart of effective teaching. Maybe my learning objective here is that I hope we all start talking to each other about the things that really matter in life, like our Father in heaven, the source of our being, and our destiny. Like all of us, God made my mother for himself, and he provides the Way for her to unite with him.

Precious Jesus, why you created human beings for yourself, in spite of what it would take you to provide the way for them to share in your life, only You who are Infinite Love knows. Father, for as much as it is worth, I thank you. For those of us who profess the Christian faith, the least of what we can do is do as He says!

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5 thoughts on “JP’s Corner: 15 Years Missing My Mother

    1. Yes your mother was a very special person whose faith was never ending. I looked up to her and she helped me with my faith. I think of her often and try to be as good of a Christian as she was Thank you for sharing. I think very highly of all of you. God bless.

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  1. This is very beautiful, JP! Thanks for sharing. To me, the point of this post was to remind us of God’s grace and mercy.

    I love you

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  2. Beautiful post JP! Thank you for sharing. I remember how much Mom loved you and how much you loved her. You were her sweet boy, and you shared a beautiful bond. You gave her the biggest love note the world has ever seen 😀

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  3. Dearest JP,
    How beautiful this is of your precious memories of your Mother.
    I so much agree with Rachel. The bond between your mother and you was so strong. Mom and I were very close during the time I helped your family and she spoke of you often. One time we were up stairs cleaning and you were out on your little porch upstairs right off your room..cannot remember who was sitting out there with you but you were as if you were preaching. Mom looked at me and said his faith is so strong I would not dought he would be a priest someday.
    At your mom’s wake you came through the crowd of people to hold me. You are your Mother’s son! You are so much like her. A very kind, loving and caring person
    Take Care now. Love you!

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