Superman, Spit-up Shirts, And Other Mommy Things

Oh man are we in the thick of it!

And we only have three! Bless you mommas who have more. And bless you mommas who have less. Depending on the personality cocktail of our kids, one can seem like many, and many can seem like an army.

Here’s a few things, or tidbits, if you will, that this momma has paid attention to of late:

1- My son wants to be a superhero. I don’t know how this happened, other than it is inside of him somehow. We don’t watch superhero movies, we don’t have superhero books. But he got a Superman figurine somewhere, somehow, and all of a sudden every blanket is a cape, and he is running around defeating bad guys. This kid wants to fight for justice. He wants to be strong. He wants to have what it takes to save the day. I love that about him.

2- I am the world to this baby. For now. When this tiny infant of mine cries to be held for the bajillionth time each day, it helps me to remember that to her, right now, I am the entire world. Within a very short amount of time, I won’t be. I already have to bargain with my two year old for snuggles, depending on the time of day. So, when she cries, again, for her momma, I am trying to just embrace this fleeting time.

3- The creativity of children astounds me. We have a room full of Many A Toy, and you know what the kids spend most of their time playing with? Blankets, pillows, cushions, blocks, art stuff, and books. My oldest daughter has an amazing imagination. She leads her little minion brother on the coolest adventures. They make forts, and Fun Parks, and piles, along with other crazy messes (that I try hard not to overreact to). And all those fancy schmancy toys just kind of hang out and enjoy the show. We have, for a while now, stopped stocking them with many additional fancy schmancy toys. And they don’t seem to mind a bit.

4- Sometimes I have spit-up on my shirt. Yeah, I know it’s there. And no, I don’t feel like making extra laundry, so this baby is going to ride out the day.

5- Dinner is easier to make in the morning. Dinner time is the Witching Hour around here… where Bigs are tired from the day, and Little is fussy. Tis much easier to reheat a kind-of-soggy-fajita than to attempt to make a not-as-soggy fajita at five pm.

Perhaps these are kind of random… but that’s kind of how my thoughts are throughout most of the days most of the time. Any other coherent-ish posts you may have read require late nights, covert trips to Starbucks, or many, many edits. And these tidbits I’ve mentioned have been popping up around me lately over and over again. Especially the spit-up clad shirt thing. Whatevs. So I smell like sour milk. I keep these little humans alive.


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One thought on “Superman, Spit-up Shirts, And Other Mommy Things

  1. Beautifully written. And you’re doing an amazing job with your little ones. Your post brought to mind a strong spirited mother of five I met last night. Her life changed quickly, leaving her to raise her kids-for now- in a homeless shelter. I insisted that she fill her own plate while I took care of filling plates and cutting meat for her youngest two. Then I sat at their table and asked her what her hopes are when the time comes to leave the shelter. They were so simple. They left me intensely humbled. “I hope to pay my rent and to be able to get my kids what they need.” That’s it. So many of us have those things, and they were among her highest hopes and wishes. More humbling was her gratitude that I sat with her to talk. “A lot of volunteers ignore us, as if we are contagious or something. I’m grateful that you took the time to talk with me.” I get emotional thinking about it. No matter the “disconnects,” mothers can find common ground in our unified desire to simply provide for our beautiful children. We can encourage each other to embrace precious time. Thanks again Lorelei. Your writing always inspires me.

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