Helping Each Other To Heaven (Catholic Stand)

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Lorelei’s latest article is up on Catholic Stand today!


Helping Each Other To Heaven: A Convert’s Perspective on Catholic Marriage

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Lorelei Wrote a Book!

Andrea’s heart has been broken since the day her brother went missing. When she’s offered the chance to enter Reverie, a circus built with children’s dreams, it seems like the perfect chance to escape. But after finding her brother’s recurring nightmare in one of the tents, Andrea realizes Reverie is no escape. It’s a trap.

What happens when you stay too long in a nightmare? Who really is the sinister Sandman? And can she find her brother before it’s too late?

For readers 10+.
And for those who dream of being brave.

Purchase it through the affiliate link here: The Circus of Stolen Dreams

One thought on “Helping Each Other To Heaven (Catholic Stand)

  1. When i think of a Catholic wedding i go into this “OMG” moment, like when i really think about the Eucharist. The two become one. wow. I picture a hand coming down from Heaven and scooping these 2 up, joining their souls together as 1 with His. Is this not a wow moment. My father was an alcoholic for many years and my mom’s faith wouldnt even allow for the idea of walking out. We had a great, happy childhood in Ireland. He would drink later, when we were mostly in bed. Ffw and he is nearly 2 decades dry. They, with me love the Lord and he went to confession for first time in 30 odd years. We are amazingly close as God is the glue. The ring he put around my parents all them decades ago is strong and they are so happy now. I lv you Lord & tnk you for the gift of a sacrament that brings 2 people closer than could ever be done on a human level.


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