A Special Prayer Request

*Content warning- this deals with a situation involving violence*

Just over four months ago, Kayla Sanmiguel’s life changed.

Javier, Kayla, and their 4 children

What happened has been well-documented over the news in the St. Paul area, which you can learn more about here, here, here, and very easily over on Google if you search “St. Paul Good Samaritan Shooting.”

The short version is that Kayla and her husband Javier heard a car accident outside their home. Javier, being who he was, ran out to make sure everyone was okay while Kayla called 911. The person who caused the crash had crawled into the trunk of his hatchback, and when Javier opened the trunk to make sure he was okay, the man shot him and killed him.

Kayla, who is JP’s cousin, is now a widow. They have four children together. She is my age. And everything she thought her life was going to be is going to be different now.

She is in need of prayer as she adjusts to life as a single mom of four and a widow at such a young age. Please pray for Kayla and her children and her family who are so very deeply impacted by this loss.

There is also a GoFundMe set up, and you can click here to donate if you feel so led.


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