Celebrating Our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary!

Ten years ago, JP and I entered into the Sacrament of Marriage. We celebrated our anniversary on May 26, 2017. It was a beautiful day, and we are so thankful for each other, and for God growing us in love this past decade. We started the week off by watching our wedding video, and looking … Continue reading Celebrating Our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary!

The Wedding Weekend And Marrying Into A Huge Catholic Family

This past weekend, we travelled to the great state of Minnesota for JP's youngest sister's wedding. There was a lot to look forward to, and the weekend didn't disappoint. First, the Sacrament of Marriage. Four of the five of us were able to stand up in the wedding. And, if I may, Lissie and Auggie … Continue reading The Wedding Weekend And Marrying Into A Huge Catholic Family

Laying Down My Rights

Just when ya think you're in pretty good shape... something comes along and reveals the sin in your own life very clearly. JP made a mistake this week. A very honest mistake. It ended up costing us $100. Which isn't the most money in the world. But, it was enough to provoke a reaction in … Continue reading Laying Down My Rights

A Valentines Note From The Savaryns

Hello Readers, Happy Valentines Day! Now that we are approaching 10 years of marriage, we are clearly marriage experts. Haha. Actually, we know very acutely that we are not. However, we do know a thing or two more than we did when we started dating nearly a dozen years ago. And tonight, we reflected on … Continue reading A Valentines Note From The Savaryns

A Story of Healing

JP's last post, found here if you haven't read it, gave some insight into Jp's journey during  a period of time where our marriage has been transformed. I (Lorelei) would now like to share my simultaneous journey. It's one of the most personal, and, for us, the most powerful in our marriage so far. When … Continue reading A Story of Healing

Like Father Like Son

Like father like son. We’ve all heard this before, right. You look at a son and he tends to emulate his father. Some of this comes from genetics – it’s in his nature to emulate dad. Other parts of this come from his natural desire to be like his daddy, to be cool, strong, confident, rough, bold, … Continue reading Like Father Like Son