Mary Charlotte

We have been so thankful to welcome Mary Charlotte Savaryn into the world on December 26th! The whole end of pregnancy while working full time with 2 other kiddos didn’t leave a lot of time to write, but it did leave a lot of time for reflection, so this post has been a long time coming.

Mary Charlotte, just after being born.

Prior to becoming pregnant with Mary, I was full of fear. Because of my traumatic pregnancy with August, the idea of getting pregnant again was terrifying, and my husband and I were not wanting to go through that again. I already wrote a bit here about how this pregnancy has allowed for such healing in our marriage in how we were able to handle the challenges of pregnancy differently this time around, which has had much to do with our Catholic faith.

But on a more personal level, just seeing God’s faithfulness in bringing me through the physical challenges of pregnancy this time, and knowing that He was sustaining me through the nausea, through the growing pains, through the discomforts at the end, and all the way through to a very healthy and healing natural delivery, boosted my own personal faith in countless ways.

I know that God had willed for us to have another child, and being open to life again was a big step of faith. And through it all I never felt abandoned… I could kneel in Mass and feel nauseous and know that Jesus, who asked this of me, was there, literally, sustaining me, right there in the Eucharist. I could kneel in Mass and feel the weight of my child inside me this December and know that Jesus, who asked this of me, was still, right there, always, in such a concrete way, a way I had never had access to prior to becoming Catholic. I knew that He has such a plan for this life, and that He was pleased with our faithfulness in being open to another child. Receiving Jesus each Mass was something I looked forward to and was grateful for, many times through tears, throughout the more difficult stages of growing this babe.FRAMED_OLG_SAMPLE.jpg

I also had the blessing of being very pregnant during the season of Advent. I was able to study and contemplate the journey of Mary at the end of her pregnancy, anticipating the birth of her own child. The discomfort she must have felt to be so pregnant on such a long journey, her own wonderings at when her child would be born, her own feelings and emotions as the time drew near, her faithfulness in the (much greater) task that God had set before her. And this Advent, due to my new relationship with and appreciation of the Mother of my Lord, I drew more comfort than ever that Mary knew what it was like, especially since she had so much more at stake than I did. And she was so faithful. And if she could be so faithful, then I knew I could as well.

My relationship with Mary has only started to grow, but I also felt her sustaining me throughout this pregnancy. Our daughter carries my grandmother’s names, one of which is also the name of our Holy Mother, and that was no coincidence.

It is my utmost goal to raise my children strong in the Catholic faith, so they can grow to be Saints in this world by following Jesus with their whole lives. This journey to motherhood for the 3rd time was particularly special, and healing, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this little life that he chose to bless us with, and through whom He already has provided such healing in my marriage, and in my soul.



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5 thoughts on “Mary Charlotte

  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful. God bless Mary Charlotte and her family forever. One funny thought: through you, she has already been nourished by the Holy Eucharist! God bless you again!


  2. Congratulations!!!! I am so excited to hear this story.(And happy you’re still using this blog since I love that even once we move back up North (surprise!) I’ll be able to keep in touch!)
    I love the sincerity you have and the real-ness in the reflection. I love that you are honest in how pregnancies are challenging but that we can have trust and faith in God. When you expressed Mary’s faithfulness it made me pause in just the right way. Thank you.
    I am excited for her name as a way of living out the Bible-now with a natural part of your life story, your testimony. Having already seen how God has truly used you in my life I can appreciate the real-ness of your story and a sense of what God has in store. Thank you for being brave enough to mother a third child, a second daughter, another child of God in a world that needs more children on faith. Your lives will not be under-utilized.


    1. Hey hey!!! Great to hear from you first of all, and secondly, thank you so much for reading and for the thoughtful response. I think I may have caught wind that you will be relocating shortly- seems like it’s a great move for your family and I hope it all goes well. There is a lot to be thankful for in both our lives these days. 🙂 🙂


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